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Sep 8, 2023

  • Literature and Human Sciences

OMU launches new “In Focus” feature!

On August 31, OMU commenced its long-awaited series, “In Focus.” In Focus serves as a platform to showcase the multifaceted nature of OMU research and studies. While science forms a cornerstone, this web page extends beyond the laboratory to encompass a broad array of subjects, from art to engineering to literature. Featuring distinguished researchers from OMU, In Focus articles offer voices from multiple areas of expertise, ensuring a holistic perspective that enriches your understanding of our world.

The inaugural entry casts light on ukiyoe, a captivating Japanese form of woodblock printing, illuminated by Professor Mayumi Sugawara from the OMU Graduate School of Literature and Human Sciences. Tracing the journey of this art form from the Edo period through to our modern era, the article centers around the question of how ukiyo-e, which literally translates as “pictures of the floating world,” helped sustain uplift among Japanese through a history riddled with hardships.

Full article: A “floating world” of resilience, positivity, and laughter


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