The Center for Advanced Education in Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been operating the “Fledge” program for entrepreneurship development since 2014.

“Fledge” is the hub of an entrepreneurship ecosystem where diverse values and essential network can be shared, by providing a place to foster entrepreneurship through various lectures (business planning with design thinking, start-up practical knowledge, case study exercise, e-learning) and events and study abroad for all students, who are interested in entrepreneurship, who are planning to start a business with original technology, want to realize innovative business, want to learn how to plan creative projects.

* Osaka Metropolitan University created its entrepreneurship education program thanks to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur Program (EDGE, implementation period: 2014–2016) and Exploration and Development of Global Entrepreneurship for NEXT Generation (EDGE-NEXT, implementation period: 2017–2021).


Fledge offers courses in three different areas: “Business Idea Creation,” “Business Plan Preparation,” and “Entrepreneurship Practice.” A single course or more can be taken at one time.

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Business Idea Creation

Ideation Seminar TEC-2D
Overview Learn how to generate the ideas you need as a corporate researcher
Course Aim Learn the basics of ideas and design thinking for creating business ideas and new products through exercises using familiar products as subjects.
Course Format Lectures, group discussion, presentations, and other exercises
Special Seminar for Strategic Reasoning and Thinking
Overview Learn how to link basic research findings to applications that solve social problems
Course Aim This is a seminar course that teaches “systems thinking,” a way of looking at complex things from a holistic perspective, and “design thinking,” a means to creating new ideas. Students learn processes and methods that produce applications based on systems concepts and grounded in basic research in order to solve social issues. Students not only acquire systems concepts, but also develop ideation skills that are useful in industry.
Course Format Lectures and group-work exercises

Business Plan Preparation

Business Planning Special Seminar TEC-1
Overview Learn how to develop a business plan and commercialize research findings
Course Aim Students will develop a business plan using their own research or university-owned intellectual property. Through repeated individual exercises (including market research, patent research, and marketing), presentations, and consultations with mentors, students develop a business plan and learn the process of commercialization.
Course Format Lectures, individual business plan and group-work exercises
MOT Case-Study Seminar TEC-2A
Overview Learn about commercialization-oriented R&D management, technology management, and business proposals
Course Aim Through lectures and exercises, students learn the fundamentals of MOT (Management of Technology) necessary for corporate researchers, commercialization-oriented R&D management and product development strategies, the fundamentals of intellectual property rights, the necessity and importance of technology management, and the elements necessary for business proposals.
Course Format Lectures, exercises, and e-learning
MOT Consulting Seminar TEC-2B
Overview Learn technology management from lecturers who are working consultants
Course Aim Through exercises, in addition to MOT (Management of Technology) and a wide range of related knowledge, students learn general concepts and skills related to the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological research results, as well as the concepts and skills related to conducting scientific research and developing a research plan.
Course Format Lectures, group discussion, presentations and other exercises, e-learning
Intellectual Property Strategy Seminar TEC-2C
Overview Learn about intellectual property necessary for R&D positions
Course Aim Intellectual property is the foundation of business activities. This seminar teaches “how to develop a strong patent” with a focus on patent innovation and advancement. Students also learn IP strategies for start-up companies.
Course Format Lectures and exercises
Management and Marketing Seminar TEC-2Eb
Overview Learn practical management and marketing knowledge
Course Aim

In order for a business or project to proceed smoothly and precisely, it is important to make plans appropriately based on data and information, and to determine a strategy after accurately assessing conditions. Through exercises in this course, students learn practical management and marketing knowledge that is useful in various decision-making situations.

* A separate course for international students will be offered in the second semester.
Course Format Lectures, group discussion, presentations and other exercises

Entrepreneurship Practice

Fundamentals of Venture Business & Entrepreneurship TEC-2F
Overview Learn the fundamentals of starting a business or a new venture inside a company
Course Aim Students learn the fundamentals of venture business and entrepreneurship through beforehand-study and exercise-oriented lectures. It is recommended that students take this course in combination with the Venture Business Seminar (TEC-2G).
Course Format Entirely e-learning
Venture Business Seminar TEC-2G
Overview Learn the knowledge necessary to start a business or a new venture inside a company
Course Aim Through exercises, students learn the basic knowledge necessary to start a new business or a new venture inside a company. Students refine their own commercialization topic in stages and strengthen their business plan.
Course Format

Lectures, group discussion, presentations and other exercises

* It is recommended that students also take the e-learning course Fundamentals of Venture Business & Entrepreneurship
Leadership Seminar TEC-2Hb
Overview Learn about the kind of leadership companies expect through actual practice
Course Aim Through practical exercises, students learn about the kind of leadership, and acquire the leadership skills, that are expected of innovation-driven research leaders at the forefront of industry.
Course Format Lectures and group work

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  1. ACCESS (Asian Cross-Cultural Entrepreneur platform for Sustainable Society)
    The global entrepreneurship mind training program that cooperated with an overseas university around Asia under the theme of Society5.0, SDGs, Global Mega Trend

  2. Business Idea Contest
  3. Keihanshin Startup Academia Coalition, Related Events
  4. High School Entrepreneurship Education Course and Business Idea Creation Workshop
  5. Social Cooperation Programs and Business Start-up Support Programs, Related Events
  6. Related Events with EDGE-NEXT Consortium “IDEA” Collaborating Organizations
  7. Miscellaneous Events
  • Ideation Workshop
  • Creating Campus Space Activities Project-related Events
  • PERSEUS Program-related Events

Past Events

Various events have been held, including those that send and receive students between Japan and Asia through exchange programs.

Period Course/Event Title

Business Idea Contest 2023 Final Round Held

→  Event was held. (See event report)


Entrepreneur Roundtable, Series #2: "Realities of Starting a Business as Told by Entrepreneurs from Large Corporations"

→  Event was held. (See event report)


Entrepreneur Roundtable Discussion Series Lecture No. 1 "The Realities of Starting a Business as Told by Graduates of Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University"

→  Event was held. (See event report)



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