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Jan 25, 2024

White Coat Ceremony: a step forward for clinical interns!

On December 23, 2023, the "White Coat Ceremony" was held at the Abeno Campus.

The White Coat Ceremony is an occasion where white coats are awarded to the new fifth-year medical students, before they begin two years of clinical training. The purpose of the ceremony is to encourage the students to be aware of their responsibilities as "clinical interns" formerly referred to as “student doctors,” and to strive for excellence during that time. The ceremony was well attended by family members in the audience.

The ceremony began with opening remarks from Dean Norifumi Kawada of the Graduate School of Medicine, and Hiromichi Ikuno, the chairperson of the Alumni Association for the School of Medicine, followed by words of encouragement to the students on behalf of the faculty by Professor Fuminori Tokunaga, Professor Motomu Hashimoto, Professor Kiyoshi Maeda, Professor Kenichi Kohashi, and Professor Shinichiro Kashiwagi.

Dean Kawada

Chairperson Ikuno

Afterwards, Dean Kawada, Chairperson Ikuno, and Professor Taichi Shuto, Chairperson of the School of Medicine, presented brand new white coats to three student representatives. Among them, Ms. Midori Fukui took the oath on behalf of the fifth-year class.

In his closing remarks, Professor Shuto gave the students advice to prepare them for the medical profession.

Presentation of white coats to the three student representatives

Students putting on their brand new white coats

Ms. Fukui taking the oath of office as a student representative

Professor Shuto

*The student representatives were selected from the top three scorers in the Computer Based Test (CBT) - a common test among medical universities used to evaluate knowledge. The oath was administered by the highest scorer among the selected representatives.

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