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Oct 2, 2023

Building a bridge of knowledge and collaboration: OMU holds joint seminar at Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam

September 28, 2023, an OMU delegation*1, comprising President Masahiro Tatsumisago and Vice President Makoto Tsubota, as well as Dean Norifumi Kawada and Professor Hisashi Motomura from the Graduate School of Medicine, visited and held a joint seminar with Hanoi Medical University (HMU). OMU has nurtured educational, research, and cultural exchanges with HMU since 2010.

Joint seminar participants

The delegation was welcomed by HMU Chairman Ta Thanh Van and other HMU members. Following President Tatsumisago’s address, the delegation toured the HMU Hospital and OMU Hanoi Office*2 at HMU, which had its opening ceremony last year.

HMU Chairman Ta welcoming President Tatsumisago

Vice President Tsubota introducing OMU

Subsequently, the joint seminar commenced. Vice President Tsubota kicked things off with a presentation introducing OMU, followed by Professor Motomura's introduction of the OMU Graduate School of Medicine. Dean Kawada then delivered a presentation explaining joint research activities with HMU in the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic pathology. Professor Mindie Nguyen from Stanford University, who has a longstanding relationship with the OMU Graduate School of Medicine, also participated in the seminar, presenting her cutting-edge research on hepatocellular carcinoma.

HMU students also attended the event, providing an excellent opportunity to introduce the educational system, research activities, and the diverse study environment of the OMU Graduate School of Medicine.

The seminar concluded on a high note, promising not only to strengthen research exchanges but also to deepen the enduring friendship between HMU and OMU. The two universities pledged to continue welcoming researchers and students from both sides.

Dean Kawada explaining OMU-HMU joint research

Professor Motomura introducing OMU Graduate School of Medicine

*1 OMU delegation: President Masahiro Tatsumisago, Vice President Makoto Tsubota, Professor Koji Otsuka, Professor Shigeo Takenaka, Professor Shinji Yamasaki, Specially Appointed Professor Yoshiaki Kitaya, Dean Norifumi Kawada, Professor Hisashi Motomura, Professor Motomu Hashimoto, Associate Professor Le Thi Thanh Thuy, Associate Professor Hidetomi Terai, Senior Lecturer Ryu Watanabe, Doctor Naoki Takada

*2 OMU Hanoi Office opening ceremony (November 16, 2022)

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