Department of Aerospace Engineering

Staff list

Title Name Research Fields
Professor KOGISO Nozomu Systems Engineering, Reliability Engineering, Optimum Design, Space Structural Systems,Space Engineering, Laminated Composite, Morphing Wing
Associate Professor NAKAMURA Masao Space Environment Technology, Space Plasma Simulation and Analysis, Space Weather
Professor SHIMOMURA Takashi Aerospace Control Engineering, Dynamics / Kinematics / Guidance / Control of Aircraft / Spacecraft,Vibration Control of Flexible Space Structures, Numerical Optimization
Lecturer KANATA Sayaka System Control Engineering, System Identification, Numerical Optimization, Multi-rotor Helicopters
Professor TSUJII Toshiaki Aerospace Navigation Systems, Satellite Navigation and Positioning, Aerospace Information Technology,Optimal Estimation
Professor SASAKI Daisuke Aerodynamics, Low Reynolds Number Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Aeroacoustics, Aerodynamic Design, Design Optimization, Evolutionary Algorithms, Machine Learning
Associate Professor SAKAUE Shoji Aerodynamics, Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Turbulent Flow Control, Supersonic Mixing Enhancement,Computational Fluid Dynamics

IWASA Takashi

Aerospace Structure Engineering, Dynamics for Thin-Walled Flexible Structures, Photogrammetry, Shock Response, Membrane Structures
Assistant Professor YAMANO Akio Dynamics for Fluid-Structure Interaction, Dynamics for Thin-Walled Flexible Structures, Rovers for Small Planetary Bodies
Professor MORI Koichi Aerospace Propulsion Engineering, Thermo-fluid Engineering, Space Transportation System, Beamed Propulsion, Plasma Propulsion, Space Debris
Lecturer HIEJIMA Toshihiko Aerospace Propulsion System, Compressible Fluid Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Instability of Vortices, Scramjet Engine
Assistant Professor OGAWA Shinichiro Aerospace Propulsion Engineering, Supersonic Combustion, Combustion Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics