Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering

Staff list

Nakamozu campus

Title Name Research Field
Professor MORIMOTO Shigeo Motor Drives, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion, Power Electronics
Associate Professor INOUE Yukinori Motor Drives, Power Electronics, Energy Conversion
Associate Professor SANADA Masayuki Motor Drive, Motor Design, Electro-Magnetic Field Analysis
Professor ISHIGAME Atsushi Power System Analysis and Control, Optimization Technique, Intelligent Control
Lecturer TAKAYAMA Satoshi Power System Operation and Control, Renewable Energy System Operation and Control
Professor KONISHI Keiji Control Systems, Complex (Chaotic) Systems, System Dynamics
Associate Professor HARA Naoyuki Control Systems, Model Predictive Control, Control Applications
Associate Professor SUGITANI Yoshiki
Professor YAMADA Makoto Information & Communication Engineering, Optical Amplifiers and Next Generation Networks, Optical Sensing System
Associate Professor KOYAMA Osanori IP over WDM Network, Optical Fiber Sensor, Web-based Data Processing System
Associate Professor IKEDA Kanami Information Photonics, Optical Signal Processing, Optical Functional System
Professor KUBOTA Hirokazu Optical Fiber Communication Systems, Nonlinear Optics, Space Division Multiplexed Optical Communications
Associate Professor MIYOSHI Yuji Optical Fiber Communication, Optical Signal Processing, Optical A/D Conversion
Professor LIN Hai Wireless Communication, Signal Processing
Assistant Professor CHIANG Yi-Han Wireless Network, Edge Computing
Professor MORIZAWA Kazuko System Optimization, Production Management Systems, Production Planning and Scheduling,Operations Research, Multi-objective Decision Support
Associate Professor KUSUKAWA Etsuko Supply Chain Management, Operations Research, Quality Management
Lecturer MORITA Daisuke


Sugimoto campus

Title Name Research Field
Professor TAKAHASHI Hideya 3D Image Input/Output Systems, Head-Mounted Displays, Wearable Computer Application Systems, 3D Endoscope Systems, Vital Signs Sensing, Medical Image Processing, Medical Support Systems
Associate Professor MIYAZAKI Daisuke 3D-Display System, 3D-Optical Measurement, Optical Functional Device, Optical Biometric Measurement, High-Performance Image Measurement
Lecturer YOSHIMOTO Kayo Biometric Information Sensing, Medical Image Processing, Medical Support Systems, 3-Dimensional Measurement
Professor TAKUBO Tomohito Robotics, Motion Control, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Intelligent Systems
Professor NOGUCHI Hiroshi Nursing Engineering, IoT, Unrestrained Physiology Measurement, Human Behavior Measurement, Sensor Network, Mechatronics, Healthcare Engineering (Mimamori engineering)
Associate Professor TSUJIOKA Tetsuo Communication Systems, Web Databases, Measurement Systems, Application of Wireless Communications