Department of Materials Science

Staff List

Nakamozu campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor NAKAHIRA Atsushi Biomaterials, Apatite, Intercalation, Catalyst, Nanoceramics
Associate Professor TOKUDOME Yasuaki Solid acid/base catalysts, Liquid-phase reaction, Colloid & Interface, Bionanotechnology, Clay minerals, Layered materials
Professor MORI Shigeo

Structure Physics, Nanoscale Structure Analysis, Electron Microscopy,

Solid State Battery Materials, Ferroic Materials
Professor TAKAHASHI Masahide Organic-inorganic hybrid, Self-organization, Nano materials, Smart materials, Solution processing, Soft actuators, Optical and electronics materials
Associate Professor OKADA Kenji Nanomaterials, Porous materials, Inorganic materials, Organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Organic-inorganic interface
Assistant Professor FUKATSU Arisa Organic-inorganic hybrid materials, Nanomaterials, Soft actuators, DNA materials, Self-organization, Coordination chemistry
Professor KANENO Yasuyuki High temperature structural materials, Intermetallics, Alloy design, Microstructure design, Crystal plasticity
Associate Professor INOUE Hiroyuki

Corrosion of metals and its prevention, Electrochemical measurement, Geological disposal of radioactive waste, Electrochemical noise technique, Corrosion monitoring

Professor TAKIGAWA Yorinobu

Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Materials Processing, Grain Boundary Plasticity, High-temperature Deformation

Professor OHNO Kohji Polymer, Controlled polymerization, Fine particle, Colloid, Self-assembly


SUZUKI Michito

Associate Professor MAKIURA Rie Nanomaterials, Nanosheets, Energy materials, Metal-organic frameworks, Surface/interface science, Thin films, Coordination chemistry, Electronic devices
Associate Professor IKENO Hidekazu Computational materials science, First-principles calculations, Materials informatics, Electron spectroscopy, Catalysts, Inorganic phosphors
Associate Professor KIMURA Kenta

Magnetism, Ferroelectricity, Chirality, Multiferroics, Optical functional Materials, Transition metal compounds, Materials Exploration