Department of Marine System Engineering

Staff list

Title Name Research Fields
Professor ARIMA Masakazu Marine System Planning, Human Factors, Underwater Robotics, Ocean Policy Research
Associate Professor ARAI Rei Marine Environmental Measurement, Marine Acoustic Engineering, Marine Optics,Instrumentation Engineering
Professor KATAYAMA Toru Seakeeping & Safety of High Speed Craft, Ship Stability in Wave, Instabilities of Planing Craft, Nonlinear Motions and Hydrodynamics of Floating Structures, Tank Test
Associate Professor IKUSHIMA Kazuki Structural Engineering, Structural Analysis of Ships, Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis, Large Scale Numerical Simulation, Parallel Computation
Professor NAKATANI Naoki Marine Environmental Monitoring, Ocean Environmental Measurement, Marine Ecosystem Engineering, Ecosystem Modeling, Planning of Marine Resource Development
Associate Professor SHIBAHARA Masakazu Welding Mechanics, Thermal-Elastic-Plastic FEM, Measurement using Image Processing,Structural Strength of Ships and Offshore Structures, Structural Analysis for Ultra-Scale Problems
Assistant Professor HAN Jialin System Control Engineering, Design and Development of Suspension Boats,
Automated Operation System for Ships, Seabed Robots
Professor HASHIMOTO Hirotada Seabed resources, Marine energy, Autonomous ship/underwater vehicle, Computational fluid dynamics, Model experiment, Open-sea testing
Associate Professor NIHEI Yasunori Hydrodynamic Force acting on Offshore Structures, Vortex Induced Vibration,
Design and Development of Sailboats, Floating Type Wind Power Generation Device
Professor BABA Nobuhiro Marine Environments, Ocean Fluid Dynamics, Marine Ecosystems, Ocean Circulation
Associate Professor TSUBOGO Takashi Wave Resistance, Offshore Structure, Hydroelasticity, Very Large Floating Structures