Department of Mechanical Engineering

Staff list

Sugimoto campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor IYOTA Hiroyuki Improvement of the technology of thermal and mixing processes for improve productivity as well as product quality based on analysis of transport phenomena with humid air, superheated steam, and complex fluids
Lecturer MASUDA Hayato
Assistant Professor FUJIMOTO Emiko 1)
Professor WAKIMOTO Tatsuro Drag reduction of fluid flow by adding surfactant, Development of wave-power generation system, Stability of soap film
Associate Professor OMORI Takeshi Wetting dynamics between solid and liquid, Measurment of dynamic surface tension, Development of wave-power generation system, Removement of fine particle by air jet, Micro- and nano-fluid mechanics, Multiscale dynamics near interface
Lecturer IMADU Atsushi Assistive robotics, Mobile robotics, Tethered multicopter, Human movement analysis and assistive engineering, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation system, Human-human and human-robot interaction
Assistant Professor TAKAI Asuka 
Professor KANASAKI Junichi Solid state analysis based on surface science and optical science, Optical control of material structure at the atom level to create novel structural phase, Deveropment and evaluation of antibacterial materials, Case study of microbiologically influenced corrosion
Associate Professor KAWAKAMI Hiroshi
Associate Professor TAKIYAMA Takeshi Power train system control for optimization of fuel economy and emission purification, Intelligent vehicle control for automated driving
Professor TAKADA Yogo Researching and developing compact mobile robots which can be used in inspections in hard-to-reach places such as underwater as well as under bridges. Analysis on underwater robots is performed using numerical fluid dynamics to improve driving thrust
Associate Professor NAKATANI Hayato Studies on smartening, molding process optimization, strength - fracture mechanism and joining technique for fiber reinforced polymers such as CFRP and GFRP. Low-cost molding technique, mechanical properties and damage tolerance design for hybrid composites that consist of alternately laminated FRPs and metal sheets.
Professor YAMASAKI Tomohiro Nondestructive evaluation of materials by ultrasonics, Ultrasonic monitoring of FRP molding process, Vibration control of smart materials, Development of devices using functional fluid
Assistant Professor OSHIMA Nobuo
Professor KANEKO Yoshihisa Advanced scanning electron microscopy on fatigued materials, Bulk-nano metals, Electrodeposition of nanostructured films, Research connecting micro- and macroscopic deformation, Deformation of polymer, Strain measurement by digital image correlation method
Associate Professor UCHIDA Makoto
Professor TANE Masakazu Elasticity and anelastic relaxation phenomenon, Micromechanics, Phase transition in structural and functional materials, Material design using crystal growth and phase transition, Nanoscale mechanics of deformation, phase transition, and carbon fibers, Simulation for microstructural evolution, Microstructure control and characterization of functional materials
Lecturer MIYOSHI Eisuke
Assistant Professor HIGASHINO Shota
Lecturer KUWAHARA Takuya Multiscale materials modeling, Tribology of carbon materials, Ceramics, and metals, Mechanochemistry
Professor MATSUOKA Chihiro Fluid dynamics, Pattern formation, Nonlinear science, Dynamical systems, Numerical analysis of nonlinear motion of vortex sheets

 1) Hitachi Zosen Corporation, Cross-Appointed Researcher

Nakamozu campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor MIMURA Koji Mechanics of materials, Solid mechanics, Theory of plasticity, Strength of materials, Impact engineering, Experimental mechanics
Associate Professor UMEDA Tsutomu Mechanics of materials, Solid mechanics, Impact engineering, Dynamic structural analysis, Damage mechanics
Associate Professor RIKU Isamu Computational science, Biomedical engineering, Biomaterials
Professor ISHIHARA Masayuki Mathematical analysis of solid mechanics, Hygrothermoelasticity, Electroelasticity, Solid mechanics in green materials
Professor FUKUDA Hirokazu Coupled oscillator system, Synchronization control, Pattern formation, Complex network control, Plant factory
Professor KIKUTA Hisao Measurement and instrumentation engineering, Optical metrology, Optical Engineering, Nano-fabrication technology
Lecturer MIZUTANI Akio Measurement engineering, Applied optics, Nanophotonic devices
Lecturer KOBAYASHI Tomoaki Systems and control, Real-time control, Optimal control, Control theory and applications, mechatronics
Professor SHINTANI Atsuhiko Vibration engineering, Seismic engineering, Fluid-structure interaction, Active vibration control, Human engineering, Application of vibration
Associate Professor NAKAGAWA Chihiro Kinematics of mechanical systems, Mobile vehicle system, Kinematics-related system
Professor SUGA Kazuhiko Heat transfer engineering, Turbulence modeling, Energy conversion systems, Micro scale thermo-fluid systems
Associate Professor KANEDA Masayuki Natural convection, Computational fluid dynamics, Sessile droplet, Magnetizing convection, Magnetohydrodynamics
Associate Professor KUWATA Yusuke Turbulence mechanics, Computational fluid dynamics, Wall turbulence, Turbulent scalar transport
Professor SEGAWA Daisuke Combustion, Combustion diagnostics, Internal combustion engines, Space environment experiments
Lecturer KATAOKA Hidefumi Detonation, Combustion, Shock wave, Internal combustion engines
Professor TAKAHIRA Hiroyuki Fluid mechanics, Cavitation, Bubble dynamics, Gas-liquid two-phase flow, Focused ultrasound
Associate Professor OGASAWARA Toshiyuki Fluid mechanics, Gas-liquid two-phase flow, Bubble dynamics, Flow measurement
Lecturer NAKAJIMA Tomoya Fluid engineering, Wind tunnel test and flow visualization, etc.
Professor YOKOYAMA Ryohei Energy systems engineering, Optimization, Energy management, Distributed energy
Professor WAKUI Tetsuya Energy systems engineering, Optimization, Cycle simulation, Energy management, Energy network, Wind power generation system, Air-conditioning system
Professor KINOSHITA Shinichi Environmental engineering, Countermeasure to urban heat island, Thermophysical properties, Thermal science in human physiology, Radiative heat transfer
Assistant Professor YASUDA Ryusuke Environmental engineering, Atmospheric diffusion, Air pollution, Local climate
Professor OKUBO Masaaki Envioronmental protection enginnering, Plasmas for environmental improvement, Zero-carbon energy conversion, Plasma material processing
Associate Professor KUROKI Tomoyuki Environmental protection engineering, Application of nonthermal plasma technology, Exhaust gas treatment, Waste water treatment
Assistant Professor YAMASAKI Haruhiko Environmental protection engineering, Energy conversions with low environmental load, Magnetic functional fluid, Carbon dioxide cycle