Department of Architecture and Building Engineering


The Department provides “comprehensive architectural education” based on art, science and technology.

Architecture is the study of building an architectural environment, which is indispensable to people. When doing so, we should consider various changes in society and nature. Japan, in particular, has been facing the issues of an aging society and a declining birthrate, and the nation has been undergoing a shift in values from quantity to quality. Instead of the conventional, scrap-and-build approach, there is a call for architecture that enables environmental conservation and creation, and the efficient maintenance and effective use of architectural stock based on the history and culture specific to each building. Architecture is also required to respond to the intensification of natural disasters caused by climate change, and construct safe, secure, and comfortable buildings that focus on disaster control measures. In other words, to build a sustainable architectural environment that takes architectural heritage reuse, energy saving, and disaster control into consideration, we need to meet a wide range of demands from the humanities and social spheres, and it is vital to have the ability to respond in a comprehensive way based on engineering, technology, and art.
A future society that aims for sustainability will place even greater expectations than today on designers and engineers who have an international scope and a multilateral perspective. The educational philosophy of the Department of Architecture and Building Engineering is “comprehensive architectural education” based on art, science, and technology. By learning about a wide range of topics, from architecture to cities, you will deeply understand the challenges that a mature society faces: shifts from development to sustainability, and from efficiency to humanity. The Department aims to develop designers and engineers who have the ability to respond to issues both theoretically and practically, and propose useful solutions.

Department of Architecture and Building Engineering Department of Architecture and Building Engineering


Staff list

Sugimoto Campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor TOKUONO Tetsu Architectural Planning and Design
Associate Professor ISHIYAMA Hiroki Building Construction Method
Lecturer NISHINO Yuichiro Architectural Planning and Design
Professor KURAKATA Shunsuke Architectural History
Lecturer YAMAGUCHI Akito Architectural Design
Professor KURODA Tomoko Architectural History
Professor KANA Koichi Urban Planning & Community Design
Professor UMEMIYA Noriko Architectural Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor KISHIMOTO Yoshihiko Architectural Environmental Engineering
Lecturer KOBAYASHI Yuki Architectural Informatics
Professor TANIGUCHI Tetsuro Wind Engineering
Lecturer FURUKAWA Sachi Disaster Prevention & Wind Engineering
Professor TANIGUCHI Yoshiya Structural Engineering for Architecture
Associate Professor SUZUKI Yusuke Building Materials
Lecturer KANEKO Kensaku Structural Dynamics