Department of Applied Chemistry


—Become a chemist and discover ways to solve globally significant technological problems.

Humankind has created the rich life we enjoy today using natural resources and creating useful artificial materials. Science and technology have remarkably contributed to the developments that have enhanced our lives, and the central science of chemistry has played a crucial role. Chemistry is a field that seeks to understand the structure, properties, and reactions of substances at the atomic and molecular levels, and to apply the gained knowledge in developing and using new materials.
In the Department of Applied Chemistry, you will not only learn about the structures and properties of molecules, which are the key components in important materials but also about the behavior of electrons, which connect atoms in molecules and control chemical reactions. Moreover, you become knowledgeable about how to utilize chemical reactions to create new materials. In our comprehensive program, you will study everything from the basics of chemistry to state-of-the-art advanced chemistry. For this purpose, a content-rich curriculum has been developed that offers exercises and experiments, as well as lectures, covering a wide range of subfields, including analytical, inorganic, physical, organic, polymer and environmental chemistry, and electrochemistry. Furthermore, to train students who will develop into scholars that uncover basic principles of the science of chemistry, you will be provided with opportunities to attend international conferences and lectures by prominent overseas researchers.
In the fourth year of your program, you will join a research laboratory as your first step to becoming a scholar or engineer. You will be able to opt from a variety of research groups that are engaged in cutting-edge research on topics ranging from the development of next-generation batteries for the realization of a carbon-neutral society to research in the development of new eco-friendly materials and medical materials. It is expected that the experience you gain in the laboratory will enlighten you about the joy of “creating new chemistry” through research.

Department of Applied Chemistry Department of Applied Chemistry

Staff list

Nakamozu campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor HISAMOTO Hideaki Micro Total Analysis Systems, Chemical Sensing, Optical Sensing, Molecular Recognition, Capillary Electrophoresis
Associate Professor ENDO Tatsuro Biosensors, Nano-photonics, Micro Total Analysis Systems (μTAS), Microfluidic Device
Associate Professor SUEYOSHI Kenji Analytical Chemistry, Separation Science, Microscale Electrophoresis
Professor HAYASHI Akitoshi Glassy Materials, Solid Electrolyte, All-Solid-State Battery
Associate Professor SAKUDA Atsushi Inorganic Materials Science (Sulfide), Electrode Active Materials, All-Solid-State Batteries
Assistant Professor MOTOHASHI Kota Solid-State Ionics, Solid Electrolyte, All-Solid-State Battery
Professor MATSUOKA Masaya Environmentally-Harmonious Photocatalysis, Solar Energy Conversion, Catalysis, Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials
Associate Professor KAMEGAWA Takashi Environmental Catalysts, Photocatalysts, Functional Thin Films, Nanospace Materials, High-Performance Adsorbents
Associate Professor TAKEUCHI Masato Visible Light-Responsive Photocatalysts, Environmental Purification, Molecular Spectroscopy, Surface Wettability, Catalytic Reaction Mechanism
Associate Professor HORIUCHI Yu Solar Energy Conversion, Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production, Visible Light-Responsive Photocatalysts, Metal-Organic Framework
Professor INOUE Hiroshi Electrochemical Energy Conversion, Rechargeable Devices, Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Storage
Associate Professor CHIKU Masanobu Electrochemical Energy Conversion, Rechargeable Devices
Associate Professor HIGUCHI Eiji Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells, Nickel-Metalhydride Battery, Hydrogen Storage Materials
Professor IKEDA Hiroshi Organic Photochemistry, Organic Electron-Transfer Chemistry, Main Group Element Chemistry, Luminescence Chemistry, Organic Light-emitting Diodes, Crystal Chemistry, Calculation Chemistry
Associate Professor MATSUI Yasunori Organic Photochemistry, Organic Electron-Transfer Chemistry, Laser Chemistry, Luminescence Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics
Professor YAGI Shigeyuki Organic Functional Materials Chemistry, Functional Dyes, Organic Electronics, Organic Light-emitting Diodes, Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Materials
Associate Professor MAEDA Takeshi Chemistry of Functional Dye, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Electronics Material, Molecular Sensor
Assistant Professor SUZUKI Naoya Organic Functional Materials Chemistry, Functional Dyes,
Functional -Electron Systems, Organic Synthesis, Organic Photochemistry
Assistant Professor KODAMA Shintaro Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Metal Complex Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Oxidation Reactions, Metal Oxide Clusters
Professor MATSUMOTO Akikazu Polymer Synthesis, Polymer Materials Chemistry, Controlled Radical Polymerization, Organic Crystals Chemistry, Polymer Composite Materials, High-Performance Polymer Materials
Associate Professor OKAMURA Haruyuki Polymer Synthesis, Photoreactive Polymer, Photoacid Generator,
Crosslinking and Degradation of Polymers
Associate Professor KOJIMA Chie Polymer Materials, Photo-sensitive Materials, Biomaterials, Imaging and Drug Delivery System
Associate Professor SUZUKI Yasuhito High-Performance Polymer Materials, Surface Functionalization, Composite Materials
Professor HARADA Atsushi Polymer Biomaterials, Self-assembled Polymers, Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery System
Associate Professor KITAYAMA Yukiya Colloid and Interface Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis, Drug Delivery, Photo Reaction, Molecular Recognition
Associate Professor TOKONAMI Shiho Biosensor, Micro- and Nano- Architectures, Optical Analysis, Metal Nanoparticle
Associate Professor NOMOTO Akihiro Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medical Coordination Complex, Organic Electrochemistry, Heteroatom Chemistry, π-Conjugated Systems, Nanomaterial Science
Associate Professor YUBA Eiji Nano medicine, Drug Delivery, Functional Polymer Chemistry, Biomaterials
Professor SHIIGI Hiroshi Bioanalysis, Biosensor, Molecular Recognition, Molecular Imprinting,Nano Biomaterials
Associate Professor SADANAGA Yasuhiro Atmospheric Chemistry, Long-Range Transport of Atmospheric Pollutants,
Photochemical Oxidant and its Precursors

※Retires at the end of the March, 2025.