Department of Chemical Engineering


Pursue sophisticated manufacturing that has a low environmental load.

In next-generation manufacturing, which creates a sustainable recycle-oriented society that preserves the bounty of nature and the earth’s environment, just making good products is not enough. It is also required to make products without wasting energy and other resources or placing a load on the environment. Chemical engineering is based on the natural sciences, including chemistry, physics, and biology but sometimes uses knowledge from the fields of the humanities and social sciences to create new sciences and technologies. This discipline systematizes manufacturing methodologies that are useful for improving the earth’s environment, society, and the quality of our lives. Chemical engineering not only provides knowledge related to substances and their reactions but also develops substances that are useful to society, and creates, designs, and controls new manufacturing processes.
Use of the wisdom of chemical engineering enables us to make full use of advanced chemical synthesis technology, nanotechnology, and biotechnology to build systems for synthesizing and producing new substances and materials, new environment-conscious energy systems, and innovative recycling technologies for a recycling-oriented society. The fruit of chemical engineering has been contributing considerably to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) not only in the chemical industry but also in many other fields, including medicine, medical care, food, housing, clothing, electronics, machinery, steel, energy, the environment, and recycling.
The Department of Chemical Engineering teaches not only various elemental technologies but also knowledge and technology to comprehensively construct an entire system, thereby fostering independently-minded researchers and engineers who will play an active role in the international arena as leaders in research and development, and project commercialization in the future.

Department of Chemical Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering


Staff list

Nakamozu campus

Name Research Fields
Professor NOMURA Toshiyuki Particle Science and Technology, Nano/Meso Materials, Biocolloids, Environmental Bioengineering
Associate Professor YAMAMOTO Takuya Particle Science and Technology, Numerical analysis, Phase transition, Sonochemistry
Professor IWASAKI Tomohiro Resource Engineering, Powder Technology, Functional Nanoparticle, Mechanochemistry,Numerical Simulation
Professor WATANO Satoru Process Systems Engineering, Powder Technology, Fluidized Bed, Nano-Processing,Measurement and Control, Pharmaceutical Engineering
Associate Professor NAKAMURA Hideya Process Systems Engineering, Powder Technology, All-solid-state battery, Computational Particle Engineering, Molecular Simulation
Associate Professor OHSAKI Shuji Process Systems Engineering, Powder Technology, Computational Particle Engineering,Material Engineering
Professor OGINO Hiroyasu Chemical Reaction Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Engineering, Protein Engineering,Enzyme Engineering
Associate Professor YAMADA Ryosuke Chemical Reaction Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Engineering, Protein Engineering,Enzyme Engineering
Assistant Professor MATSUMOTO Takuya Chemical Reaction Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Microbial Engineering, Protein Engineering,Enzyme Engineering
Professor MUTO Akinori Separation Process Engineering, Functional Carbon, Microreactor, Adsorption, Ion Exchange, Extraction,Photocatalyst
Professor SAITO Takeyasu Materials Process Engineering, Electrodeposition, Kinetics and Engineering of Chemical Vapor Deposition,Ferroelectric Materials, Wide Band Gap Materials, Metallization Processing for Semiconductor Devices
Associate Professor OKAMOTO Naoki Materials Process Engineering, Elecltrochemical Engineering, Micro Plating, Plating Process (Electrodeposition, Electoroless Deposition), Materials Science and Engineering
Professor YASUDA Masahiro Environment and Energy Process Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering,
Biological Chemical Engineering, Polymerization Engineering, Tissue Engineering
Associate Professor HORIE Takafumi Environment and Energy Process Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Chemical Reaction Engineering,Process Intensification, Microreactor, Crystallization
Assistant Professor OKITA Erika Environment and Energy Process Engineering, Non-equilibrium science, Nano/micro-systems,Active soft matter
Associate Professor XU Yan Nano Chemical Systems, Nanofluidics, Single-Molecule Chemistry, Single-Cell Omics, Biomaterials,Analytical Chemistry, Nanomedicine