Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering


Pursue environment-conscious manufacturing to build a more affluent and safer society.

Science and technology exist in a diverse intellectual world woven by chemistry, physics, and biology. The Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering strives for environment-conscious manufacturing based on chemical technology and biotechnology. The Department develops human resources who will contribute, through manufacturing, to building a more affluent and safer society that combines sustainable human development and the conservation of the earth’s environment.
On the research side, the Department covers both chemistry and life science. Chemistry is a field that creates substances and materials that are indispensable for our daily lives from the world of atoms and molecules, based on the principles and methods of chemistry. Life science is a field that creates advanced biotechnology based on complex biomolecules and cell functions. Through the combination and integration of these two fields, the Department will open up new fields with the keywords of chemistry, biology and engineering.
On the educational side, you will study both chemistry and life science deeply and broadly. The Department has developed a curriculum that will help you acquire specialized knowledge and guide you to become professional engineers and researchers who have a global holistic insight into the impact of science and technology on society and make appropriate and independent judgments on such impact. You will acquire the knowledge and ability to be active in various fields in the future, including chemistry, food, medical care, materials, the environment, and energy.

Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering

Staff list

Sugimoto campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor TSUJI Kouichi Development of X-ray trace elemental analysis and XRF elemental imaging methods, and their applications to characterization of materials and environmental analysis
Professor YAMADA Yusuke Heterogneous catalysis of coordination polymers and nanoparticles assemblies for energy and environmental issues
Associate Professor ARIYOSHI Kingo Lithium-ion battery, Electrode materials for advanced batteries, Solid-state electrochemistry for insertion materials
Professor KOBATAKE Seiya Design of photofunctional organic crystal materials and control of solid physical properties, synthesis and evaluation of photofunctional polymer materials, development of novel functional molecules
Lecturer KITAGAWA Daichi
Professor HORIBE Hideo Compatibility and crystal structure analysis of multi-component polymers, conductivity of filler-dispersed polymers, resist development with high resolution and sensitivity, chemical reaction analysis of active species with organic compounds
Associate Professor TAMURA Masazumi Design and development of catalysts and catalytic processes for carbon recycling and green chemistry
Professor SATO Eriko Functional Molecular Chemistry, Molecular design of monomers and polymers, Development of controlled polymer synthesis, Advanced control of polymer reactions, Design and development of stimuli-responsive materials, functional adhesives, and interfacial functional materials
Professor KOMETANI Noritsugu Reaction Analysis in Sub- and Supercritical Fluids, Physicochemical Study of Biomaterials under High Pressure, Treatment of Hazardous Materials by Catalytic Hydrothermal Oxidation
Associate Professor IGARASHI Koichi Advanced crystallization for organic compounds such as pharmaceutical, functional foods, production of useful substances from biomass
Professor NAGASAKI Takeshi Biopolymer-based medical materials (DDS, boron drug for neutron capture therapy, tissue adhesive, anti-adhesion agent), Sensitization of cancer treatment by control of cancer microenvironment, Synthesis of sphingolipid analogues, Developments of new anticancer and antiinflammatory agents based on natural products
Lecturer AZUMA Hideki
Professor AZUMA Masayuki Discovery of new functions of cells and construction of new functional cells by synthetic biotechnology, development to the fields of medicine, environment, energy, and food from engineering applications of these useful cells. [Keywords: microorganisms and cell surface] 
Associate Professor OJIMA Yoshihiro
Professor KITAMURA Masaya Structure-function relationship of redox proteins, Industrial application of enzymes
Associate Professor NAKANISHI Takeshi Design of artificial antibodies for development of biologics and their production using genetic engineering techniques
Professor TACHIBANA Akira Development of biological medicine using RNA interference, RNA editing, genome editing and synthetic biology methods
Professor TACHIBANA Taro Drug discovery based on the biotechnology, development of the methods for generation of highly functional monoclonal antibodies and biopharmaceuticals
Lecturer YOKOYAMA Chikako
Professor YOSHIDA Tomoko Synthesis and design of solid catalysts/photocatalysts, development of environmentally conscious chemical reactions including artificial photosynthesis, evaluation of physical properties of functional materials using synchrotron radiation spectroscopy/electron spectroscopy