Department of Physics and Electronics


Pursue electronics that will create the IoT era.

At the Department of Physics and Electronics, you will study electronics, nanotechnology, and materials science, which support today’s society and create the next generation.
Science and technology related to electronics is based on an academic system called physical electronics. Technologies that physical electronics make possible include those that make use of the properties of electrons as electric charges, those that use light generated by the energy transition of electrons, and those that use magnetism caused by the spinning of electrons.
Physical electronics, which covers a wide range of academic fields that support electronics, can be broadly divided into the study of electronic physical properties and the study of electronic materials. The interrelationship between these “two wheels” of physical electronics has made modern society possible. The development of IoT technology and the realization of a sustainable society, however, will require the development of the entire field of physical electronics, including the development of novel devices. To that end, it is vital that both disciplines are deepened and developed even further. In consideration of this situation, the Department of Physics and Electronics will familiarize you with the knowledge and skills that are common to both electronic physical properties and electronic materials and necessary for the development of physical electronics. In this way, the Department fosters human resources who excel in electronic physical properties and those who excel in electronic materials, the “two wheels” that support the development of physical electronics.

Department of Physics and Electronics Department of Physics and Electronics


Staff list

Nakamozu campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor TOGAWA Yoshihiko Spin Electronics, Magnetism, Superconductivity, Electron Microscopy, Electron Physics,Control and manipulation of electromagnetic fields response
Associate Professor SHISHIDO Hiroaki Superconductivity, Superconductor Nanostructure, Crystal Growth, Strongly-Correlated Electron System
Assistant Professor KOSAKA Yusuke Magnetism, Crystal growth,Synchrotron Radiation, Neutron scattering
Professor HIGASHIWAKI Masataka Semiconductor device engineering, Semiconductor physics, Oxide and compound semiconductor electronics, Power device, High-frequency device
Associate Professor SHIM Yong-Gu Optical Properties of Nano Materials and Bulk Crystals, Crystal Growth,
Multinary Compound Semiconductors
Associate Professor KOBAYASHI Takashi Optical Properties of Semiconducting Polymers, Organic Solid State Physics, Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Associate Professor NAGASE Takashi Organic Semiconductors, Molecular Electronics, Nanoelectronics, Semiconductor Physics, Nanofabrication
Professor AKITA Seiji Solid state physics in nanoscale, Nanomaterials, Electronic properties in nanoscale
Associate Professor ARIE Takayuki Low dimensional materials and devices Phonon engineering, Phononic crystals, Nanoscale thermophysics and thermoelectronics
Associate Professor YOKOSHI Nobuhiko Solid state photophysics in nanoscale, Nanostructured semiconductor, Quantum information theory
Professor TAKEI Kuniharu Nanomaterials, Electronic devices, Flexible devices, IoT, Smart wearable devices
Associate Professor YASUDA Masaaki Electron beam engineering, Semiconductor lithography, Scanning electron microscopy, Computational nanoscience
Professor OKAMOTO Koichi Plazmonics, Nano-photonics
Associate Professor WADA Kenji Quantum and Optical Device Engineering, Laser Application, Optical Metrology
Assistant Professor MATSUYAMA Tetsuya Quantum and Optical Device Engineering, Optical Properties of Semiconductors, Laser Application
Professor FUJIMURA Norifumi

Neuromorphic AI hardware, Ferroelectric devices, Power devices, Multiferroic devices, IR-THz sensors, Smart sensors, Semiconductor Prosesses 

Associate Professor YOSHIMURA Takeshi Oxide electronics, Semiconductor device, Piezoelectric MEMS, Piezoelectric films, Ferroelectric films
Professor HORITA Takehiko Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Basin Structure, Stochastic Resonance
Associate Professor OIKAWA Noriko Nonlinear Physics, Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Softmatter Physics
Assistant Professor HAGA Taiki Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, Fundamental theory of condensed matter physics, Nonlinear dynamics
Professor UOZUMI Takayuki Theoretical solid-state physics, Strongly correlated electron systems, Optical physics
Associate Professor KATO Masaru Theory of many-particle systems, strongly correlated system, and superconductivity
Assistant Professor HARIKI Atsushi Correlated electron systems, Density functional theory calculation, Theory of x-ray spectroscopies (photoemission, absorption, resonant inelastic x-ray scattering)
Professor IWAZUMI Toshiaki X-Ray Spectroscopy, Photo-Induced Phase Transition
Professor MIMURA Kojiro Photoemission Spectroscopy, X-Ray Spectroscopy, Electronic State, Strongly Correlated Electron System
Associate Professor ANZAI Hiroaki Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, Electronic State, Synchrotron Radiation
Associate Professor TAGUCHI Yukihiro Photoemission and Inverse-Photoemission Spectroscopies, Electron Spectroscopy for Solid Surface, Synchrotron Radiation, Strongly Correlated Electron System
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI Yasushi Silicon laser development, Photonic crystal, Silicon photonics, Semiconductor nano-fabrication, Microscopic spectroscopy
Associate Professor NOUCHI Ryo Field-Effect Surface Science, Nano interface control, 2D atomic layer devices, Organic molecular devices



Sugimoto campus

Title Name Research Fields
Professor KIM DaeGwi Quantum dots, Nanoparticles, Optical properties of condensed matter, Advanced optical nanomaterials
Associate Professor SHIBUTA Masahiro Funtuonal thin film, Ultrafast spectroscopy, Electronic property, Electron dynamics
Associate Professor TAKEUCHI Hideo Optical properties and functions of semiconductor bulk crystals, epitaxial structures (multiple quantum wells, superlattices and so on) nanometer-order ultrathin films
Lecturer NASHIMA Shigeki Ultrashort optical pulse technology, Terahertz spectroscopic technology, Terahertz spectroscopic sensing
Professor TERAI Akira Molecular crystals, Organic conductors, Nonlinear excitations, Solitons, Polarons, Optical response, Electronic-state control, Strongly correlated electrons, Computational Physics
Associate Professor SUGITA Ayumu Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Information
Professor SHIKOH Eiji Spintronics, Magnetic materials, Metals, Semiconductors, Organic molecules, Thin films, Multi-layers
Associate Professor KOBAYASHI Ataru Surface electronic properties, Nano-scale analysis, Charged-particle beam source, Field ion microscopy
Associate Professor FUKUDA Tsuneo Surface science, Scanning probe microscopy, Organic-inorganic hybrid electronic devices
Assistant Professor TANAKA Kenji
Professor SHIGEKAWA Naoteru Photovoltaics and power devices based on heterogeneous integration of foreign materials
Associate Professor LIANG Jianbo Diamond electronics, Thermal dissipation of semiconductor devices, Fabrication and nanostructural characterization of bonding of foreign materials
Associate Professor TAKECHI Seiji Cosmic dust, Radiation, Particle detector
Professor SHIRAFUJI Tatsuru Plasma materials processing, Plasma physics, Plasma chemistry
Professor OH Jun-Seok Atmospheric-pressure plasma materials processing, Plasma diagnostics, Plasma life science