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International Student Dormitories

Dormitories for international students includes some housing managed by Osaka Metropolitan University and some managed by other organizations, including international student support foundations. If there are more applicants than rooms available, a screening procedure may be used.
Currently, international students are resident in the following dormitories.

International student dormitories managed by Osaka Metropolitan University

Applications are accepted from around 2 months before the start of each semester (information will be published on the student portal OMU UNIPA and elsewhere). In principle, only international students are eligible to live in this housing, and the residence period is one year.

Please refer to the following URL for application procedures and other information.  

Accommodation managed by international student support foundations (external organizations)

The university is able to make arrangements for international students to be housed in the foreign international student accommodation listed below.

Sakai International Hall (Orion International House)/Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)


  • Address: 2-226 Higashi-Uenoshiba, Kita-ku, Sakai
  • Residence period: 2 years (extendable)
  • Monthly rent: ¥33,000 (including water, gas, and Wi-Fi)
    *If a student moves in or out partway through the month, that entire month’s rent is payable.


Details will be published on OMU UNIPA and elsewhere during the application periods (late January/early August). If a room is available, it is also possible to move in at other times, so please inquire if interested.

Uenoshiba Student Dormitory (women’s dormitory)/Ono-Shogakukai Foundation

http://ono-syougakukai.com/uenoshiba/ [In Japanese]

  • Address: 6-2-3 Unenoshiba Mukogaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Sakai
  • Residence period: Shortest duration of course
  • Monthly rent: ¥5,500
  • Eligibility for residence: Single female international students. Please note that there is a curfew (23:00).


Details will be published on OMU UNIPA and elsewhere during the dormitory application period (around January).

Inquiries: Student Affairs Division

Sugimoto Campus
 TEL: 06-6605-3608
Nakamozu Campus

 Common Email for both campuses:  gr-gks-intlstu[at] omu.ac.jp please replace [at] with @.

Guest House (For Researchers)

The OMU Guest House is housing for the accommodation of researchers and others visiting for the purposes of international academic exchange or teaching and research. It is located at the northeast of the Sugimoto Campus, and is less than 10 minutes’ walk from JR Sugimotocho Station. Its location, offering easy access to central Osaka, is one of its attractions.



Common space

Common space

Single room

Single room

Single room

Single room

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OMU Guest House