OCAMI Preprint Series 2012


ID 12-1
Authors Taizo Kanenobu
Date April 6, 2012
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ID 12-2
Authors Yukiko Fukukawa
Title The graph cohomology ring of the GKM graph of a flag manifold of type G_2
Date April 13, 2012
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ID 12-3
Authors Akihiro Higashitani and Mikiya Masuda
Date April 17, 2012
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ID 12-4
Authors Yoshiyuki Kimura and Fan Qin
Title Graded quiver varieties, quantum cluster algebras, dual canonical basis
Date May 10, 2012
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ID 12-5
Authors Futoshi Takahashi
Title Morse indices and the number of blow up points of blowing-up solutions for a Liouville equation with singular data
Date August 28, 2012
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ID 12-6
Authors Akihiro Kitagawa and Atsushi Takeuchi
Title Asymptotic behavior of densities for stochastic functional differential equations
Date December 10, 2012
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ID 12-7
Authors Hideki Miyachi and Toshihiro Nogi
Title On extendibility of a map induced by Bers isomorphism
Date January 29, 2013
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ID 12-8
Authors Futoshi Takahashi
Title Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions for a 2D nonlinear Neumann problem with large exponent
Date February 25, 2013
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ID 12-9
Authors Mitsuo Izuki, Yoshihiro Sawano and Yohei Tsutsui
Title Variable Lebesgue norm estimates for $BMO$ functions II
Date March 5, 2013
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ID 12-10
Authors Yoshihiro Ohnita
Title Geometry of Certain Lagrangian Submanifolds in Hermitian Symmetric Spaces
Date March 29, 2013
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