JRHS – Volume 13, Pages 1-16 (27 December 2015)


Coordination between Trunk and Ankle during Sit-to-stand Task in Healthy Young Subjects
Abbas Abdolrahmani, Ryo Yonetsu(pp. 1 – 5)

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1 年間の訪問リハビリテーションが老年期のクライアントの心身機能に及ぼす効果(pp. 7 – 16)
今西 美由紀、石浦 佑一、友久 久雄、日垣 一男

The effect of one-year visiting rehabilitation on the psychosomatic mechanism of aged clients
Miyuki Imanishi, Yuichi Ishiura, Hisao Tomohisa and Kazuo Higaki

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