Learning goals and some messages from Social Welfare course.


In our course we emphasize,
(1) Understand social problems from scientific and practical perspectives
(2) Invent alternatives to social problem from the position of practitioner and policy maker


Now social welfare system is essential for our life. We explore the value bases of welfare systems. Current social problems are multifaced, complicated and complex. We face poverty, social exclusion and greater risks in all life stages. Therefore, we should employ multidimensional and interdisciplinary perspectives in our research.
Both theoretical and practical research are needed. We also pay attention to philosophical and ethical perspectives of welfare systems, because goals of social policy and social work are closely related to the concept of well-being.
We should develop comprehensive and tangible solutions for our social problems. In this way, social workers and welfare researchers would be innovator in our society. Our course launches these innovators every year.


We welcome part time students in our course. Actually, many field social workers study in our course. They work and study every week. We have flexible curriculum for everyone. The student’s research topics are diverse including poverty, social exclusion, children and family, youth, disability, elderly, gender, sexuality and immigration.



We focus both on human dignity and complexity of post-modern society. We want to improve social welfare system from practical perspectives.


We stimulate collaborative learning among graduate students from different generations.