Graduate School

Where diverse knowledge meets, and new perspectives grow to open up the future

We develop researchers and highly skilled professionals who have a panoramic view of modern society and strive to solve problems in collaboration with people from other fields while deepening their own specialized research. The entire graduate school operates as a single major, and we provide a system in which education and research in each field can interact with that in other fields without limits.

Graduate school structure and degrees available in each field

Graduate School of Sustainable Sciences Master’s Program
Graduate School of Sustainable Sciences Doctorate Program

Advanced systems thinking skills and cross-disciplinary applied skills

In the master's program's courses, "Special Lecture on Contemporary Systems Science" and "Special Seminar on SDGs," graduate students from all fields gather to set goals and work together to analyze contemporary issues from various perspectives. Students will acquire the ability to solve problems by combining methodologies from different fields.

In-depth learning in specialized fields

Each department of the Graduate School of Sustainable System Sciences has a specialized curriculum that corresponds to the degree the department grants. Graduate students will be able to gain a panoramic view, which is necessary in modern society, and deepen their specialized research.

Department Introduction