Department of Clinical Psychology


While cultivating the background perspective for understanding contemporary mental issues, the Department of Clinical Psychology helps students familiarize themselves with specialized theories, knowledge, and skills in clinical psychology and develops human resources who can become highly skilled professionals, such as clinical psychologists and certified public psychologists. Classes correspond to the curriculums for being qualified to take the clinical psychologist and certified public psychologist examinations.

More specifically, through detailed training and guidance in clinical practice, the Department helps students strengthen “clinical epistemology” on interpersonal relationships that vary with time and place, and it aims to develop clinical psychologists who can flexibly support the emotional progress of their clients.


Research Area

Clinical Psychology (Theories of Psychotherapy, Imagery Studies (Dreams, Drawing, Sandplay, etc.), Play Therapy, Research on Subjective Experiences, Psychology of Special Environments (e.g., Antarctica), Developmental Disorder Studies, Somatic Studies), Psychopathology, Jungian Psychology, Psychoanalysis