College of Sustainable System Sciences

In today's increasingly complex world we need to realize a sustainable society by acquiring a wide range of problem-solving skills and knowledge. The aim of the College of Sustainable Systems Science is to develop individuals who can identify problems and propose solutions based on their understanding of modern society from the perspectives of natural systems, social systems, human systems, and information systems. To achieve this goal, the college provides an education that orients students to the issues of sustainability from the first year, develops cross-disciplinary approaches and systematic thinking skills, and helps them gain practical skills through problem-based learning exercises.

School of Knowledge and Information Systems

Students learn about information system technology such as computers and the Internet, while acquiring specialized knowledge in a broad range of fields including environmental science, social science, manufacturing science, economics & management, health & medical care, and education. The school also provides students with the ability to create revolutionary information systems by combining information systems with social structures and through taking a scientific approach to services and institutions.

School of Environmental and Social System Sciences

Our school explores the latest environmental and social issues, such as global warming and poverty from the perspectives of natural environmental science, which is necessary to understand the sustainability of natural systems; social environmental science, which is vital in understanding the formation and change of social systems; and environmental philosophy and policy, which is the necessary component for building social systems in harmony with the environment. Students acquire the skills to take on the diverse challenges that we face today and to find the solutions through a multifaceted approach that combines aspects of nature and society.

School of Social Welfare and Education

The School of Social Welfare and Education is committed to the study of comprehensive security and human development. We generate new knowledge through an interdisciplinary study of social welfare, childcare, education, sociology, health science, human rights, and gender studies. We aim to build a society where people can pursue their dignity and develop throughout their lives.

School of Psychology

Psychology is a scientific discipline that employs systematic methods of inquiry to study and explain human behavior. The school of psychology allows students to focus on the extensive breadth of psychology in terms of both the range of behavioral and clinical phenomena studies, including neural, physiological, cognitive, clinical, interpersonal, and social processes. Our aim is for our students to create a sustainable society through learning the science of psychology.