Sustainable System Sciences

Acquire knowledge in a wide range of academic fields with the aim to realize a sustainable society

Through cross-disciplinary learning, we develop individuals who can tackle increasingly complex social issues of today and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Four-Year Learning Plan

Acquire sustainability orientation through consistent education starting from the first year

In their first year, students will take four compulsory courses, (Natural, Social, Human, and Information) Systems and Sustainability, to develop a sustainability orientation including a high sense of ethics as members of modern society with a focus on realizing a sustainable society.

Acquire cross-disciplinary applied skills and systems thinking skills that go beyond the boundaries of academic fields

In the first year, students take introductory courses to learn the characteristics of each academic field and learning methods, and in the second and third years, students take courses related to various systems to comprehensively understand the connections between diverse elements. Through these courses, students will acquire cross-disciplinary applied skills and systems thinking skills.

Strengthen practical skills with the Project-Based Learning (PBL) Programs

Students participate in a problem-solving PBL program that is independent of the curriculum of their own academic departments and collaborate with students from other departments with different fields of expertise in the final subject, PBL Exercises. By doing so, they will acquire the practical skills necessary to identify problems on their own and persevere to resolve them.

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