OCAMI Preprint Series 2021

21-1 Mitsuo Izuki, Toru Nogayama, Takahiro Noi, Yoshihiro Sawano
Wavelet characterization of local Muckenhoupt weighted Sobolev spaces with variable exponents
May 18, 2021. (PDF)

21-2 Mitsuo Izuki, Eiichi Nakai and Yoshihiro Sawano
Atomic and wavelet characterizations of Musielak--Orlicz Hardy spaces for generalized Orlicz functions
May 20, 2021. (PDF)

21-3 Yoshihiro Ohnita
Canonical connections of a Sasakian manifold and invariant submanifolds with parallel second fundamental form
August 2, 2021. (PDF)

21-4 Sadaf Habibi, and Futoshi Takahashi
Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions to the Finsler Lane-Emden problem with large exponents
August 18, 2021. (PDF)

21-5 Masato Hashizume
Asymptotic properties of critical points for subcritical Trudinger-Moser functional
September 9, 2021. (PDF)

21-6 Masahiro Morimoto
Curvatures and austere property of orbits of path group actions induced by Hermann actions
September 24, 2021. (PDF)

21-7 Masahiro Morimoto
On the converse problem for austere orbits of path group actions induced by Hermann actions
September 24, 2021. (PDF)

21-8 Masato Okado and Ryo Takenaka
Parafermionic bases of standard modules for twisted affine Lie algebras of type A(2)2l−1, D(2)l+1, E(2)6 and D(3)4
September 24, 2021. (PDF)

21-9 Sadaf Habibi, and Futoshi Takahashi
Applications of p-harmonic transplantation for functional inequalities involving a Finsler norm
October 20, 2021. (PDF)

21-10 Anton Nazarov, Olga Postnova, and Travis Scrimshaw
Skew Howe duality and limit shapes of Young diagrams
December 9, 2021. (PDF)

21-11 Benjamin Brubaker, Gabriel Frieden, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, and Travis Scrimshaw
Crystal invariant theory I: Geometric RSK
December 9, 2021. (PDF)

21-12 Megumi Sano and Futoshi Takahashi,
Critical Hardy inequality on the half-space via the harmonic transplantation
January 6, 2022. (PDF)

21-13 Hideto Asashiba and Shengyong Pan,
Gluing of derived equivalences of dg categories
March 2, 2022. (PDF)