OCAMI Preprint Series 2022

22-1 Chunhua Li, Yoshinori Nishii, Yuji Sagawa, Hideaki Sunagawa
    Upper and lower $L^2$ -decay bounds for a class of derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equations 
    April 13, 2022.(PDF

22-2 Akio Kawauchi
    Classical Poincaré conjecture via 4D topology 
    May 2, 2022.(PDF)

22-3 Akio Kawauchi
    Uniqueness of an orthogonal 2-handle pair on a surface-link
    June 2, 2022. (PDF)

22-4 Mikami Hirasawa, Ryota Hiura and Makoto Sakuma
    Invariant Seifert surfaces for strongly invertible knots
    June 6, 2022. (PDF)

22-5 Mitsuo Izuki, Toru Nogayama, Takahiro Noi, Yoshihiro Sawano
    Weighted local Hardy spaces with variable exponents
    June 23, 2022. (PDF

22-6 Takanori Ayano
    Hurwitz integrality of the power series expansion of the sigma function for telescopic curves
    August 31, 2022. (PDF

22-7 Hiroto Kusano, Masato Okado, and Hideya Watanabe
    Kirillov-Reshetikhin Modules and Quantum K-Matrices
    September 27, 2022. (PDF

22-8 Akio Kawauchi
    Classical Poincar´e conjecture via 4D topology
    Revised version, October 3, 2022. (PDF

22-9 Yuichiro Taketomi
    A maximal element of a moduli space of Riemannian metrics
    October 3, 2022. (PDF

22-10 Megumi Sano and Futoshi Takahashi
    On eigenvalue problems involving the critical Hardy potential and Sobolev type inequalities with logarithmic weights in two dimensions
    October 31, 2022. (PDF

22-11 Masato Hashizume, Norisuke Ioku
    W1,p approximation of the Moser-Trudinger inequality
    October 31, 2022. (PDF

22-12 Akio Kawauchi
    Ribbonness of Kervaire's sphere-link in homotopy 4-sphere and its consequences to 2-complexes
    December 12, 2022. (PDF

22-13 Hideto Asashiba and Shengyong Pan
    Characterizations of standard derived equivalences of diagrams of dg categories and their gluings
    December 12, 2022. (PDF

22-14 Hideto Asashiba, Emerson G. Escolar, Ken Nakashima, Michio Yoshiwaki
    On Approximation of 2D Persistence Modules by Interval-decomposables
    January 04, 2023. (PDF

22-15 Hideto Asashiba, Emerson G. Escolar, Ken Nakashima, Michio Yoshiwakii
    Approximation by interval-decomposables and interval resolutions of persistence modules
    January 04, 2023. (PDF

22-16 野海正俊(述), 齋藤洋介(記)
    Macdonald 多項式入門
    January 05, 2023. (PDF

22-17 Masato Hashizume
    Point condensation of maximizers for Trudinger-Moser inequalities on scaling parameter
    January 18, 2023. (PDF

22-18 Shunsuke Sakai and Makoto Sakuma
    Two-parabolic-generator subgroups of hyperbolic 3-manifold groups
    February 22, 2023. (PDF

22-19 Shunsuke Sakai and Makoto Sakuma
    Combinatorial local convexity implies convexity in finite dimensional CAT(0) cubed complexes
    February 22, 2023. (PDF

22-20 Masahiro Morimoto
    Path group actions induced by sigma-actions and affine Kac-Moody symmetric spaces of group type
    March 2, 2023. (PDF

22-21 Akio Kawauchi
    Whitehead aspherical conjecture via ribbon sphere-link
    March 9, 2023. (PDF

22-22 Akio Kawauchi
    Kervaire conjecture on weight of group via fundamental group of ribbon sphere-link
    March 30, 2023. (PDF