OCAMI Preprint Series 2023

23-1 Chunhua Li, Yoshinori Nishii, Yuji Sagawa, Hideaki Sunagawa
    Recent advances on Schrödinger equations with dissipative nonlinearities
    April 4, 2023.(PDF

23-2 Mitsuyasu Hashimoto and Fumiya Kobayashi
    Generalized F-signatures of the rings of invariants of finite group schemes
    May 23, 2023.(PDF

23-3 Mitsuyasu Hashimoto and Yuntian Yang,
    Indecomposability of graded modules over a graded ring
    July 4, 2023.(PDF

23-4 Mitsuyasu Hashimoto
    Hochster-Eagon type theorem for Serre’s (Sn) condition
    July 4, 2023.(PDF

23-5 Kenro Furutani and Irina Markina
    Invariant integral structures in pseudo H-type Lie algebras : construction and classification
    August 3, 2023.(PDF

23-6 Akio Kawauchi
    Ribbonness on classical link
    August 3, 2023. Revised version, September 4, 2023. (PDF

23-7 Mitsuyasu Hashimoto
    The symmetry of finite group schemes, Watanabe type theorem, and the α-invariant of the ring of invariants
   September 21, 2023. Revised version, December 5, 2023. (PDF

23-8 Masato Hashizume
    Relationship between variational problems with norm constraints and ground state of semilinear elliptic equations in $\mathbb{R}^2$
   October 27, 2023. (PDF

23-9 Shohei Machida (submitted by Masato Okado)
    Quantized superalgebras and generalized quantum groups
   December 8, 2023. (PDF

23-10 Mikami Hirasawa, Ryota Hiura, and Makoto Sakuma
    The equivariant genera of marked strongly invertible knots associated with 2-bridge knots
   December 13, 2023. (PDF

23-11 Mitsuyasu Hashimoto and Anurag Singh
    Frobenius representation type for invariant rings of finite groups
   December 22, 2023. (PDF