Collaborative Creation Research Center


The Collaborative Creation Research Center, a research organization that comprises the Collaborative Creation Research Institute group, which pursues interdisciplinary, cross-cutting research that transcends the boundaries of faculties, colleges, and graduate schools, was established with the goal of realizing a sweeping revitalization of research activities at the University.

The Center, which consists of two types of institutes that combine flexibility with organization, is positioned to bring a breath of fresh air to education and research at the University as an organization that also will be responsible for helping the University play its role as a hub that contributes to its region and for fulfilling a policy thinktank function.




Conceptual diagram

Types of Institutes

  • Category 1:
    Research institutes that are operated by a responsible faculty member from a faculty, colleges, graduate school, etc.
  • Category 2:
    Research institutes that are established by the president of the University to carry out strategic studies and research.

List of Research Institutes

As of April 2023

Category 1
Category 2